What we do

On this page you will find links detailing the polices and principles that APAC Infrastructure has developed and adopted which dictates the way we operate as a business. Integrity is a cornerstone of the company and a trait that APAC Infrastructure endeavours to uphold in all of our business interactions.

Charitable Contributions

APAC is active in its role as a global citizen participating in programs both within Australia and internationally. The company seeks avenues where it can contribute towards improving the lives of others through cost effective communications infrastructure, especially for people without readily available means to do so themselves.

Career Opportunities

APAC employs a range of skilled staff including Draftspersons, Engineers, Sheet metal fabricators, and Boilermakers. If interested in a career with APAC Infrastructure and believe that you have the skills required to meet APAC's high standards, outlined in our policy section, you are encouraged to view our Careers page or get in touch via our contact page.


We've put all our policies and principles below for you to look view or download.

Our Business Policies

Learn more about out policies. We've listed them all below so you can view or download.

Business Conduct & Ethics

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Commitment To Being A Responsible Global Citizen

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Diverse Business Relationships

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Workforce Diversity & Inclusion Policy

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Environmental Policy Statement

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Product Safety

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Terrorist & Nefarious Groups

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Political Contributions

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Indigenous Australia Statement

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Data Privacy Principles

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Branding Guidelines

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